Any project, anytime, anywhere.


SafeTmade, along with its sales agents & distributors around the world, is ready to give you the best and fastest service possible at a fair price and welcomes also all those who would be interested in being involved in our network of sales agents and distributors.

As of the moment you inform us regarding the service you need, our project managers start to think about the details of the entire process to save you time. Once the planning phase is over, the operation starts.

Decision-making and planning processes go hand in hand as fast and efficient as possible and thanks to the competitive price strategy we follow, we always offer reasonable prices for our customers. According to international regulations, lifting devices need to be tested annually and quinquennially.

Based on demand, we will offer a quotation each time we have a trade relation with the second parties; or, in the case of a long-term partnership like the deal between two sides, we can settle an asset management contract through which monitoring and testing of the devices at stake would be carried out.

As a matter of principle, every single idea has been taken into consideration and discussed within our R&D team. At SafeTmade, the decision-making mechanism runs through our regular meetings with the participation of both administrative departments and technical teams. We are quite open to new ideas and projects. Just imagine what you want, we can make it real together!