Unlike solid weights, a dangerous and expensive form of load testing, SafeTbag Load Tester Water Bags rule out potential dangers and guarantee you a safe experience throughout the test process with reasonable prices. SafeTbag Load Testing Water Bags have been designed to serve you in load testing of all kinds of life saving appliances and lifting equipment (e.g. winches, davits, cranes, LIFE BOATS and so forth). Load testing water bags can be used in different tonnages ranging from 1 to 100-ton. These bags are widely used in crane overload tests around the world and yield the maximum level of satisfaction.

Safetbag Load Testing Water Bags are made of super-strong PVC, the highest quality fabric in tensile strength available in the sector. Operations requiring welding and connections are carried out by high frequency machines. All pieces (e.g. metal shackles, connection links and polyester slings) used in the product have certificates and specific manufacturer code numbers through which they are tracked and reported.

Our company, SafeTmade is known to be the first company in the world in manufacture and sales of 100 tons load testing water bags.

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