SafeTMade brand - SOLAS approved first aid kit is certified by RINA Services SpA. to meet the requirements that are needed for lifeboat & liferaft (survival craft), rescue boat and bridge usage.

There are two different options for First Aid Kits with expire date of 32 or 48 months. Contents are packed in a waterproof, enclosed, reuseable, doypack type with seal.

The kit includes the following items as a minimum:

(1)       1 x Waterproof container

(2)       1 x First aid instructions

(3)       50 x Analgesic pills

(4)       1 x Burn preparation

(5)       10 x Antiseptic wipes

(6)       20 x Adhesive plasters - Adhesive dressings

(7)       1* 10mt Sterile compression bandages ( 4 mt*7 cm, 4 mt*10 cm, 2 mt*15 cm)

(8)       1 x Adhesive elastic bandage

(9)       2 x Sterile gauze compresses 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm

(10)     2 x Triangular bandages

Safetmade brand first aid kit has high quality and longest expiry time in the sector – 32 to 48 months.

The kit is in compliance with the following standards:

SOLAS 74, as amended , Regulation III/4 and 34 as amended to date.

LSA code Regulation I/1.2 and IV/ , and V/ as amended to date .

ISO 18813:2006(E) – 93/42/EU replaced with 2017/745 EU Medical Devices Directive

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