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High-quality load testing water bags for lifting equipment, life-saving appliances, hydrostatic release units for liferafts and EPIRB, tank for liquid storage needs are only some of the products we produce in our production facilities. We also offer Original Equipment Manufacturer Services (OEM Services) and dispatch the equipment to the customer as per order.


SafeTMade provides an A-to-Z solution for your proof load testing needs. While solid weights necessitate high volume spaces to be transported and stored and require large budget expenditures, weights filled with water are easy to be transported, cost much less, and save you time and manpower. Besides, our professional team is ready to get to work at any corner of the world and carries out all the tests for you (e.g. heavy lift load tests for any tonnage as you request, flotation and airlifting systems).


You have the capacity and knowledge to carry out the load tests on your own and what you lack is just the equipment? Please, note that SafeTMade’s pieces of load testing equipment are available for rent! We offer you equipment renting solutions as well and can deliver the equipment to the agreed destination. Being manufacturers in the field of safety equipment gives us the capacity to meet your demands as soon as possible.


Please, share your ideas and suggestions about your projects with us and let’s make it real quick, low-budget and complete the whole process in the most efficient way possible. Within the SafeTMade production plant and along with its highly experienced staff, we overcome the challenges in the field and achieving the impossible takes just a bit longer.



Our experience built up over years gives us the insightful courage to imagine and realise the best services and products for you. SafeTMade products are designed and improved constantly with the feedback that we receive from our clients and technical team. The basic motivation behind our endeavour is serving to the sacred cause of saving lives and being a leading company in the field of safety equipment production & services comes after that cause.


We appreciate the importance of R&D and innovations for our company in preserving and also cultivating the positive reputation that we have established in this journey. We believe that the advancement of new technologies would not be possible without taking into consideration new ideas. It is that conviction motivating us to assess any suggestion that would lead SafeTMade to better products and services. This approach gives us a head start in the competition and our clients a high-tech experience.


As we use the best inputs and materials in our products, we also analyse our costs and expenses thoroughly to give our clients fair prices. High-quality engineering and researches we conduct allow us both developing our own solutions to the needs of the field and tracking the latest technology and changes as well to improve our products while keeping prices optimum.


Besides, our world-class products that are used worldwide, we also offer customized products manufactured in accordance with customer requests and experiences such as products with the customer’s logo on them or special design orders. Although we believe that it is the combination of knowledge and experience enabling us to produce best solutions for our customers, we are aware of the fact that the most thought-provoking and inspiring feedback comes from our customers, the end-user of our products. We would appreciate it if you kindly share your experiences and suggestions with us.


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